The journey of gaining more penile strength and power

I had always been a popular lad in my college days. With a handsome face and muscular body, I was simply irresistible for the ladies. I was a rock star who could rock all night in the bed and so ladies were always anxious to spend some “alone” time with me. I was proud of my abilities and I knew no one could do it better than me.

The size of my dong was fairly good and it has satisfied many women while I grew up to become a man. But as I grew older, I started losing my edge. The thing I was most proud of lost it functions. Neither was I able to control by timing nor getting hard erections. My life suddenly started revolving around me, boggling my mind as I was trying to apprehend what was happening. How could I lose my ability to have pleasurable sex? How can my penis not be able to satisfy ladies? Why was I unable to play the game by my rules that I had aced every time? So many questions yet I could not find the answers.  V Tight Gel

It took me a while to gather my shattered confidence and make peace with the issue. I was still embarrassed to accept this problem but I knew I had to treat it. With a few good sleepless night and extensive research I was able to conclude that my poor eating habits and lack of physical activity had caused me to lose my charm. Now looking back I did realize that since I started working in mu cubicle, I had given up all physical activity and ate only junk without realizing how it could shun the growth of my dong and leave it good for nothing.

  • What did I do next

With an extra research I was able to find the cure, the options I had to get back my amazing sex life where I could perform like a star. Here are some things that actually helped me in getting back my act:

  1. Maxoderm cream: My ultimate savior

I have never been a staunch believer of using such products but reading so many positive reviews about this cream made me curious and desperate to try it and so I bought Maxoderm cream for use. Believe me, I was most definitely the best decision of my life. gentle on the skin and made from natural ingredients, this cream worked as a miracle and within a few weeks of using it, I was able to have intense orgasms and rock in bed as long as I wanted.

The formula aims at increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body to improve blood circulation which allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the penis. As more blood fills up the penile tissues, the penis is able to gain strength and also enlarge. The more the blood vessels are packed with blood, the harder erections a man can get and also control his timing. And the product fulfilled its promise of improving the sexual performance for me.

  1. Pelvic exercises

Yes, there are exercises designed to strengthen the muscles and tissues of the dong so that a man can get firmer erections. I searched the internet and tried some pelvic workouts to gain more power. for nourishing the penile tissues, I tried a simple exercise. While enjoying some fun time with myself, when on the verge of ejaculation I used to cover the head of the penis to stop for shooting out cum. This actually increased the blood supply to the tool and gave the tissues strength to achieve harder erections. A simple exercise like this, I was able to regain my manliness.

  1. Giving up junk

By replacing junk food with fruits and vegetables, not only have I been able to improve my sexual show but I also feel much more active, energetic and fit. I am able to walk for mile without getting tired and because of being fueled up with energy; I can bang my lady love for longer and entertain her for longer hours.

  • Simple things worked for me

I never went to a therapist neither did I opt for any surgery; I just changed my lifestyle and applied Maxoderm cream for faster results. I can definitely state a strong opinion about this product that it actually works. Since I started using it, I have observed a difference in the size of my penis and best of all I able to achieve harder erection, like really rock solid ones and I can go on banging my partner forever. I able to control my timing and enjoy my sex life once again all thanks to this superb cream and of course a few changes in my routine.

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