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It is very vigorous for a man to have good looks while modeling or working on television. Like being physically fit and attracting women out there it is important to even internally have good body parts to attract women while love making. In the same way the size of the penis also plays an important role in a men’s life and in his partners’ life too. Size Genetics

Small penis does not only let women feel detested but also gives no pleasure at the time of an intercourse.

Some men have small penis naturally, and they think that they cannot help much. But this definitely is not true. New technologies now have huge enhancers that enable the penis to grow in size. Yes! It is true and there are so many men doing this process either but visiting doctors or taking natural enhancers.

Eating healthy has many health benefits like getting fit. In the same way penis enlargement benefits as well is linked with eating healthy. The extra length and width that you are dreaming of can also come from the diet intake. These foods are safe, cheap and healthy. Therefore there is no need to get worried about being harmful to your body or any scary side effects and paying for the size you are dreaming off.

Best enlargement foods:

Onions are considered to be one of the most vital foods to increase the length and width of the penis. Onions give a healthy blow in the blood circulation and prevent blood clotting. It is definitely true that the blood flow does not only flow to the heart in a well manner but also to the penis. It is not necessary to have raw onions as most of us do not like the smell of it but at the same time we can intake onions while cooking them in food so that we cannot have the bad smell of it. Onions also give other health benefits.

Salmon, like we touched the topic of onion, it is also the same case with salmon. It increases the blood flow to the heart as well the penis enlarging its size.

Bananas, a very good fruit for your heart and for the blood flow. Bananas are considered to be number 1 food for the enlargement of penis.

Broccoli, A very worthy vegetable, which is essential for many health issues. It might not help in enlarging the penis length and width wise but it definitely strengthens the pelvic muscles. Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes and even carrots serves the same purpose and it is common that many individuals are not very fond of Broccoli.

Low Fat Yogurt, Lean protein foods play good response for the enlargement of penis and Low Fat yogurt is a very good source of Vitamin C that is calcium that is good for bones and other have many health benefits. A glass of milk should be included to everyone’s routine if the individual in a child or adult, male or female, milk (vitamin C) should be the best friend in life.

Dark Chocolate is also one of the most important diet that increases the blood flow to the penis. In general, Dairy products are very helpful in many aspects of life. No matter if these aspects are related to the male enhancements or the female enhancements.

Apart from the diet intake, it is also vital to have some essential vitamins in order to enlarge the penis. Vitamin B5 helps in improving the penis post-exercising. Apart from this it also improves the work at peak performance. Vitamin C is considered for maintaining sexual function. It also helps in increasing the length and width of the penis.

Jes Extender is the one of the most safest and natural male enhancement supplements to improve the width and the length of the penis.

Natural ways are always better and sound to use than going to get medical surgeries. It might get very harmful in the long run during the time of family planning. Consulting a doctor might get a little easier as doctors with their experiences can surely make a difference and can make life easier by giving a solution to the problem or any medication that can help. Nutritionist in this matter can also play a vital role.

Jes Extender is a clinically tested supplement, which are free from side effects. Traction is used for centuries and so is used to enlarge and satisfy the other partner.


When we look at the ways penis can be enlarged. It shows that it is not a very difficult task to increase the length of the penis yet it is very important part in life for various reasons.

During sex, it is vital to satisfy the partner. Having a small penis can cause issues during lovemaking. It not only dissatisfies the partner but also has embarrassing moments in life when such things happen.

Different way to enlarge penis has been discussed above and it has been proven that diet is an important factor that can make a positive change. Like different nutrients can change body and mind texture, in the same way there are different vitamins, which need to be taken especially for the enlargement of penis.

Apart from the diet, there are other ways that can be very helpful and can solve issues. Visiting a specialist doctor can guide you exactly where the issue stand and how to cure it. There might be medications or the doctor can advise surgery.

This might go in the direction of side effects, as it is a very sensitive issue and a very sensitive part of the body as well.

Jes extender is a very natural and east way to enhance the penis and get the desired length to satisfy your loved ones and get more confident.

Therefore, choice is all your to select the best natural way or a medication to solve problems.

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