The journey of gaining more penile strength and power

I had always been a popular lad in my college days. With a handsome face and muscular body, I was simply irresistible for the ladies. I was a rock star who could rock all night in the bed and so ladies were always anxious to spend some “alone” time with me. I was proud of my abilities and I knew no one could do it better than me.

The size of my dong was fairly good and it has satisfied many women while I grew up to become a man. But as I grew older, I started losing my edge. The thing I was most proud of lost it functions. Neither was I able to control by timing nor getting hard erections. My life suddenly started revolving around me, boggling my mind as I was trying to apprehend what was happening. How could I lose my ability to have pleasurable sex? How can my penis not be able to satisfy ladies? Why was I unable to play the game by my rules that I had aced every time? So many questions yet I could not find the answers.  V Tight Gel

It took me a while to gather my shattered confidence and make peace with the issue. I was still embarrassed to accept this problem but I knew I had to treat it. With a few good sleepless night and extensive research I was able to conclude that my poor eating habits and lack of physical activity had caused me to lose my charm. Now looking back I did realize that since I started working in mu cubicle, I had given up all physical activity and ate only junk without realizing how it could shun the growth of my dong and leave it good for nothing.

  • What did I do next

With an extra research I was able to find the cure, the options I had to get back my amazing sex life where I could perform like a star. Here are some things that actually helped me in getting back my act:

  1. Maxoderm cream: My ultimate savior

I have never been a staunch believer of using such products but reading so many positive reviews about this cream made me curious and desperate to try it and so I bought Maxoderm cream for use. Believe me, I was most definitely the best decision of my life. gentle on the skin and made from natural ingredients, this cream worked as a miracle and within a few weeks of using it, I was able to have intense orgasms and rock in bed as long as I wanted.

The formula aims at increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body to improve blood circulation which allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the penis. As more blood fills up the penile tissues, the penis is able to gain strength and also enlarge. The more the blood vessels are packed with blood, the harder erections a man can get and also control his timing. And the product fulfilled its promise of improving the sexual performance for me.

  1. Pelvic exercises

Yes, there are exercises designed to strengthen the muscles and tissues of the dong so that a man can get firmer erections. I searched the internet and tried some pelvic workouts to gain more power. for nourishing the penile tissues, I tried a simple exercise. While enjoying some fun time with myself, when on the verge of ejaculation I used to cover the head of the penis to stop for shooting out cum. This actually increased the blood supply to the tool and gave the tissues strength to achieve harder erections. A simple exercise like this, I was able to regain my manliness.

  1. Giving up junk

By replacing junk food with fruits and vegetables, not only have I been able to improve my sexual show but I also feel much more active, energetic and fit. I am able to walk for mile without getting tired and because of being fueled up with energy; I can bang my lady love for longer and entertain her for longer hours.

  • Simple things worked for me

I never went to a therapist neither did I opt for any surgery; I just changed my lifestyle and applied Maxoderm cream for faster results. I can definitely state a strong opinion about this product that it actually works. Since I started using it, I have observed a difference in the size of my penis and best of all I able to achieve harder erection, like really rock solid ones and I can go on banging my partner forever. I able to control my timing and enjoy my sex life once again all thanks to this superb cream and of course a few changes in my routine.

Male enhancement: Make sex more fun

Being called an impotent just because your penis is smaller than the average measurements can be very hurtful. Even with a small penis a guy can enjoy sex, bang a lady and produce babies. Impotency has nothing to do with having a tiny but but because this society has its own rules, a man is usually judged by his size.

It is a common belief that that larger penis is, the better sexual pleasure a man will give to his lady.  But what if that big dong is useless? Even with a size that big the guy is unable to find hard erections and control his ejaculation? Believe it or not, there is a huge population of men facing such problems but are too embarrassed to deal with it. The society still considers this subject a “taboo” and to safe one’s self from getting publically shamed, guys simply avoid having sex. Vigrx Plus

You may not have tried making love in your early adulthood but this natural desire just keeps on burning and one day you will give in too. rather than suppressing your desire to enjoy the company of opposite sex, it is time to find solutions for your problem. Be brave and accept the reality because in today’s time, nothing remains impossible. Here are some guidelines that will hopefully help you in becoming a stronger man with a bigger tool:

  • Massage and exercise

Dedicating a few minutes of your bath time to your dong is not difficult. If you are against using expensive procedures and pills, this massaging and exercising your penis is the best way you can enhance it naturally. The exercise is simple and researches have proved it to be very effective in improving the health of a guy’s penis. Start with watching porn and thinking dirt. Yes, the exercise involves you having a little fun with yourself and making your penis spit out the material. But this is where you will have to stop. Feeling the pressure building up for ejaculation, cover the head of the penis with your hand and stop it from Cumming. This exercise will help you in strengthening the penile muscles and aid in stronger erections and improved performance.

Let’s talk about massage. This old age tradition has been hanging around since a very long time and now guys are using it to improve their sexual performance. By learning and applying the right massage strokes, you will actually be improving the blood flow to the penis which will result in the tissues and cells to expand naturally. It is like giving a push to your car to start working on its own but remember to use an oil to avoid friction or the burning feeling will make you uncomfortable.

  • Try the miracle oil

Sometimes one should actually trust the products available in the market because you never know which one works great for you. One such natural and safe product is VigRX oil. Made from a combination of the best ingredients, this oil has successfully helped many men in enhancing the size of their penis and last longer in bed.

The oil absorbs through the skin into the body, increases the levels of nitric oxide so that more blood with oxygen reaches the penile tissues resulting in expansion of the cells naturally. As the cells will multiple, you will be able to enhance your penis’s size to a considerable measurement. Not only this but the oil along with being safe for every skin type has also been proved to improve stamina, increases strength and enhances drive. Within a few days of using it, your sex life will take a new turn and you’ll be able to enjoy some intense orgasms. Ah the pleasure!

  • Drink lots of water

Yes, you heard it, make sure you keep yourself well hydrated. Drinking a few liters of water everyday not only keeps you healthy and fit but also helps in improving your sexual performance. Because 70% of your body consists of water, it needs this magic drink to carry out the functions properly. If you get exhausted quickly and have week erections than it is time to drink more water each day.

  • The final say

Male enhancement is neither easy nor impossible. There are many artificial products and painful procedures available that promise to make your dong bigger and stronger but these might have side effects. Opting for simple exercise along with VigRX oil is the best option. This oil is not only affordable but gives you 100% results as well. It has ingredients that cause no side effects and enhances your performance for the better.

Rather than suppressing your natural need of mating, focus on improving the size of your dong and treating your manhood problems to enjoy life to the fullest. Let not such petty things ruin your sexual pleasures.

Easy tips to build muscles with lifting weights

Getting perfectly shaped and fit body is what every man desires of but not all of them can lift up heavy weight. Moving up and down with heavy bars in your hand can sometimes cause serious injuries if done incorrectly. While men are desperate to get muscular body, there are people suffering from medical issues that make it impossible for them to lift weights.

Desires and dreams have no boundaries and neither do they understand any medical condition. Irrespective of your problem, one can still successfully attain an amazing, muscular body without weight training. This may sound shocking but there are some exercises and products that specifically focus on enhancing the muscle mass so that you can get a desirable body without straining your back.

  • The best product for gaining muscle mass

If humans have been successful in traveling through space than inventing products to build up muscles is definitely not so difficult. With all the advancement in technology and variety of ingredients available, experts have been successful in coming up with a formula that has aided many guys in increasing their muscle mass with sweating in the gym for a second.

Marine muscle is one product that has been well known in the world of body building because of its amazing results. These pills have been carefully created with ingredients that are 100% natural so that using it has no side effects. Taking a pill regularly does wonders to your body. it improves the supply of nitric oxide along with protein to the muscles so that they can easily expand and strengthen themselves. Not only this, but this fantastic product enhances strength, stamina and focus so that you can work out more in the gym without getting exhausted quickly.

Marine Muscle is the only supplement that keeps you energized and improves your drive to move a ahead in achieving your aim without any side effects. So if you are looking for a solution to gaining muscles without having to life up weight then Marine Muscle is the best supplement for you.

  • No more weight training

As promised, we will talk about a few exercises that specifically focus on improving muscle mass with going through weight training every day. Here are some of them:

  1. Push ups

You heard it right; a simple exercise like pushups can help you in building muscles. try out variations of push up each focusing on a different muscle to gain quick results. Start with the basic ones and then move towards more complicated push-ups so that your body easily adjusts to the change.

  1. Pull ups

Well pull ups are a great exercise to work on your biceps, back and forearms. Just like all the other work out routines, pulls too focus on specific muscles and with the right movement, you can actually successfully the right muscles and help them strengthen and gain mass.

  1. Dips

A full body workout, dips focus on every muscle of your body simultaneously. While using a bar or taking a chair for support, this exercise can be a wonderful way to start working on all the muscles of your body at one time. From six packs to biceps, dips can really help you in transforming yourself into a body builder without having to lift up weights. BlackWolf Workout

  1. Squats

Getting used to squats can take a little time but at least it is easier than lifting weights. Squats are a superb exercise to focus on the muscles of your entire body. By using variations you can actually make each and every muscle in your body to get involved in the work out. From thighs to hamstrings, this workout routine strengthens the muscles and helps you in gaining muscle mass.

  1. Crunches

It may be difficult to perform, but crunches are not only an amazing exercise to reduce belly fat but also toughen the core. Simply lay down on the flower with your back straight and by tightening your core muscles, try to move upwards and touch your folded knee. It will require all of your strength to move up and so is a fantastic exercise for enhancing your core muscles and forming six packs.

  • The final verdict

Body building is one heck of a thing and cannot be done by everyone. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to give all your love of food and pick up weights to get a muscular body for which women are simply ready to anything.

Remember without pain there is no gain but for those people who cannot bear pain, for them Marine Muscle is one magical product that would not only transform them into a macho man but also improve their stamina and focus. So if you are looking for a short cut to make some muscles without any side effects than this pill is what you should be buying on your next visit to the drug store.

Best of Weight Loss foods revealed straight from the nature!

You will find all sorts of tips and tricks regarding weight loss on the internet and in the magazines. While most of them might overwhelm you at first read, in reality they are merely fads and advertisement tricks.

Whereas some diet pills and supplements do actually work, the question is, is there no other healthy alternative? Yes there is! Nature has to offer us the most amazing foods which are beneficial for you to get and stay slim for good.
Likewise, we are surrounded by experts who can help you lose weight by making the least of efforts possible.
Want to know all the secret tricks and tips? Read on and find out.

Water based foods and drinks

One of the best things nature has to offer us is pure water. Have you ever heard about drinking water to shed weight easily? While drinking simple water removes toxins from the body, it also helps us stay full for longer which means feeling less hungry!
Moreover, water helps improve digestion, keeps our skin fresh while aiding in keeping all our internal organs in function. If you don’t like plain water, add a few lemon drops and enjoy sip by sip.
As for water based foods: go for watermelon, cucumber, grapefruit, lettuce, etc. These foods will help keep you feeling full for longer while not burdening your daily calorie count.


Coffee is the first drink we move towards every morning, but if you want to lose weight, keep your coffee black and bitter. Black coffee is ideal for weight loss as it boosts the metabolic rate and also reduces excess fat. Moreover, coffee acts as an appetite suppressant and amazingly, it improves the cognitive abilities. Drinking up to 4 cups of coffee daily can seriously help you lose weight quickly.

Green Tea

We often only enjoy green tea post dinner but did you know how beneficial green tea is for weight loss? Green tea not only fires up the metabolic rate but it also removes unhealthy toxins from the body effortlessly. With that said, green tea also burns fat and improves digestion. It is advised to drink up to 6 cups of green tea a day along with 1 lemon for ideal weight loss results.
Checkout how Khloe Kardashian drinks her green tea daily for inspiration!

Legumes and Pulses

While the pulses are enjoyed on daily basis by Asians as a staple diet, it is needless to say that the pulses family is great for weight loss. Enjoy your black beans, kidney beans and other legumes for an ultimate weight loss as these are the powerhouse of energy since they consist of protein, fiber, iron, potassium, vitamin Bs, etc.
While they hardly affect the calorie count, they are perfect for daily consumption.


Did you know men and women both need iodine so that their thyroid gland functions properly? Did you also know that thyroid function is interlinked with metabolism? Well, the truth is, most men and women do not intake the ideal amount of iodine, which basically results in obesity.
Salmon is one food item which provides iodine, protein, good fats, omega 3 fatty acids while being relatively low in calorie count?
Salmon should be consumed on monthly basis by switching with red meat so that losing weight becomes trouble free!

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar might be resting in your kitchen cabinets for no good reason! The nutritionists advice you to use apple cider vinegar not only as salad dressings but also for weight reduction.
Yes! Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid which is ideal for fat loss. This amazing baby not only improves the metabolic rate but also reduces the amount of fat storage in the body on the whole. Moreover it acts as an appetite suppressant and burns fat layers quickly. If you drink a glass of lukewarm water with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in it, you will start feeling less hungry and will also feel full for a longer duration.


Blueberries are really yummy and are ideal for weight loss. They are packed with antioxidants and also help burn fat quickly. While they are low in calorie count, on the other hand, they are full of other benefits too.

Nuts: Almonds

If you cannot change your daily diet and still want to lose weight without any extra efforts, simply consume nuts, almonds in particular. Almonds are a great weight loss snack as they are relatively low in calories and full of amazing weight loss benefits. More so, they are rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, etc. You can enjoy up to 20 almonds daily but be sure to pick out the pure ones for ideal results.

Ditch the unnatural weight loss remedies and stick to these perfect weight loss solutions the nature has to offer!

Enhance your memory effortlessly with 4 simple tricks

In this day and age when everything is digitally documented and stored for a future recall and data crunching of all sorts, one can question the importance of storing terabytes of data in your memory too.

The functions of storing memories in your brain go fairly beyond just storing and recalling. It’s about evolving our memory recall methods to the most efficient possible use by creating patterns and processes from what appears to be futile data. A good memory can help you establish strong relationships with friends, families, colleagues, consumers and clients whereas; a relatively weak memory will not exactly help you getting far in life.

Do you remember Guy Pearce as Leonard in the Christopher Nolan, cult classic “Memento”? Remember how his life got astronomically tangled in a web created by him or his case of short term memory loss? Well, that’s what bad memory does to you!

Worry not; you won’t ever have to go that far when it comes to memory loss because here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your memory without getting too complicated!

1.    Healthy meals for the brain!

Whatever you eat has an immense effect on you, your body and specially your brain. Likewise, whatever you’re missing out on in your diet also has great effects.

There is a good reason why parents insist their children to always finish their vegetables. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, curry, celery among others contain anti-oxidants which increase the cerebral blood flow that not only helps the brain in protecting itself but also helps to stimulate the production of new brain cells.
Likewise, a check of omega 3 fats to damaged omega 6 fats ratio will help you immensely as well along with other foods as walnuts, coconut oil and even chocolate among many others.

2.    Exercise!

Exercise has a lot of benefits which will take a rather long time to list down. As far as our brain is concerned, exercise has a few direct implications.

First of all, the brain gets to work at an optimum level since there is a higher sense of the environment and a complete control of motor skills of the body controlled directly from the brain. Apart from that, exercise; especially cardio exercises allow more oxygen to flow into the blood stream which in turn means an abundant supply of oxygen for the neurons to multiply, to make better connections with other neurons and obviously better defense mechanisms as well.

During exercise, nerve cells release proteins known as neurotropic factors that directly enhance cognitive abilities while improving the brain health as well.

Other than that, studies have proven that people who exercise regularly enhance their memory bank by 1 to 2% every year whereas; it would have simply declined

3.    Night Night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Ever wondered why you didn’t perform too well on the exam you studied all night for? Well, the answer is simple. You didn’t give yourself enough time to rest. Apart from the obvious that a well-rested brain will perform much better than a fatigued brain, there are a couple of other reasons as well.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to perform better at brainy tasks including learning when they are getting regular undisturbed sleep for at least 4 to 6 hours. This is because, sleep is known to enhance your memories and practice memory bank recall to perform better at challenging tasks.

The brain also creates connection between different memories during sleep and allows the person to draw better conclusions the next day for tasks which were fatiguing before the sleep.

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4.    Master your passion!

Have you ever felt the need to fulfill a lifelong passion? If your answer is yes, you might have not been able to fulfill your passions due to the mounds of obligations this digital age throws upon us. The trick is to recognize the possibility of not just fulfilling your passion but enhancing your health, your brain’s health; and all of a sudden your priorities will change even in this super-fast digital age.  Appetite Suppressant Pills

Researches have proven that any activity that stimulates your brain is as healthy as exercise is for the muscles. An activity that is meaningful and purposeful to you will decrease the risks of dementia and other stress related diseases while also promoting the brain health in general.  The activity should be engaging and must hold a serious meaning to you so that whenever you’re at it, your complete and undivided attention is on that activity so that it is mentally stimulating.

You might want to pick up the guitar or knit your granddaughter a lovely sweater. There is just no downside to it!

If you are prone to stress and anxiety, just relax and adopt a couple of activities discussed above. You will find yourself better at recalling facts and figures while generally feeling fresher!